Dow at 21K

DJI cleared 21 K as expected. If 21169 on March 1st  is not the final top, it will peak at around 21670 by 16 March or 3-5 April.


The Fisherman and the Golden Fish

An old man and woman have been living in poverty for many years. They have a small shack, and every day the man goes out to fish. One day, he pulls out a golden fish. The fish pleads for its life, promising any wish in return. However, the old man says he does not want anything, and lets the fish go.

Once he gets back, he tells his old wife about the golden fish, she gets angry and tells her husband to go ask the fish for a new trough, as hers is broken, and the fish happily grants this small request. The next day, the wife asks for a new house, and the fish grants this also. The fisherman is pleased with his new wealth, but the wife is not and demands more. Again and again, his wife sends him back to ask for more and more. The fisherman knows this is wrong but there is no reasoning with his wife.  Then the wife asks for a palace, to become a noble lady, to become the ruler of her province, and eventually to become the Ruler of the Sea and to subjugate the golden fish completely to her boundless will. When the old man asks that his wife be made the Ruler of the Sea, the fish cures her greed by putting her back in the old shack and to the broken trough.

If there is only one thing one should know about the outcome of the US election, it’s this good old tale.